Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

Servo Technologies System is one of leading Manufacturer of Power Conditioning Equipments in the industry.

Range : 1 KVA upto 3000 KVA

In some or other way voltage Fluctuation is a common phenomenon in every part of life and keeping in view the current electrical modifications, “Normally, Input voltage is low during day time and high during night hours resulting in frequent electrical breakdown and consequently effects the production and overall expenses.

The importance of the use of Servo Voltage Stabilizer with sensitive electronic & electrical equipment is well known. No one like to risk life of their costlier appliance, CNC machines, electrical equipment, medical equipment, printing machines, domestics appliances etc. to be connecting it directly to unstabilized fluctuating AC Supply.

STS’S Digital Servo Voltage Stabilizer has been designed to give a constant output voltage with accuracy of + 1%. Which allow the optimum current drawing and as such no excess power and reduce MDI. Our optional protection features protect the equipment from every possible hazard, although these features solely depends upon the input voltage conditions or equipment’s specifications.

Single Phase Air cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in Srinagar
Standard Conforms to latest IS- 9815 & IS 2026 standards
Rating Upto 5000 KVA
Input Voltage Ranges Single Phase : 160V-260V, 140V -280V and 90V-270V Offset Printing Machines (Can be customised)
Output Voltage Ranges Single Phase : 220/230/240V + 1% & Three Phase: 380/ Escalators & Elevators 400/415V + 1%
Output Perform 110V output for imported equipments
Input Frequency 47 - 53 Hz
Response Time Instantanceous (milisec)
Correction Speed 10 - 60V/Sec (as required)
Correction Methods Step less correction using STS’S make variac
Cooling Natural Air/ Natural Oil
Efficiency More than 98%
Duty Cycle Continuous 24 Hrs.
Operation Auto / Manual
No Load Loss Less than 0.4%
Compatibility Test Specially designed control card for faithful operation on Mains.
Suitability Suitable For 100% Unbalanced/Balanced Supply & 100% Unbalanced / Balanced Loads
Operating Temperature -15 to 55 C above ambient
Air Conditioning Plants
Medical Equipments
Offset Printing Machines
CNC Machines
Escalators & Elevators
Industries & Lighting Loads
Mall & Commercial Complexes
Residence & Office
Telecommunications System
Sophisticated Equipments
Motors, Cements Plants
Hotels Industries
R & DInstitutions
Data Centers Tea Estates
Distilleries & Beverages
Metrological Equipments
Food Processing Units
Cold Storages
Rubber Industries RO Plants
Rice Mill, Sugar Mills

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